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The Importance Of Keeping Clean During COVID-19

Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough or sneeze – it seems like that’s all we hear about nowadays. These important steps top the list of precautions we all must take as we continue to contend with the coronavirus pandemic. You’ll notice that they all have to do with cleanliness. Preventing the spread of infection, as you surely know, has everything to do with keeping clean.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of just how important it is maintain your cleaning routines in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. This is especially important if you care for an elderly person.

Disinfect surfaces all over the house.

It’s probably safe to say that none of us count the number of times we touch surfaces in our homes on any given day. We’re willing to bet, however, that it’s in the hundreds! To ensure that the spread of infection is made impossible, regularly disinfect door handles, toilet seats and flushers, countertops, remote controls and any other object that is frequently touched.

“If you live in an apartment building, pay special attention to communal hot spots like elevator buttons and push bars when going in and out,” warns, “While you’re not expected to clean these, don’t touch them unless it’s via elbow bump or while wearing gloves. COVID-19 can live on certain surfaces for up to 72 hours, so you don’t want to pick it up on your hands and bring it home.”

Avoid touching your face.

Forget the surface-touching count! We’re willing to bet we all touch our faces more than anything else every day! These days, something as innocent as rubbing your eyes in the morning can be a potentially dangerous move. Be mindful of the fact that your hands must be washed clean before they come near your face. Try staying away from your eyes, nose and mouth as best you can. Doing so will ensure you stay in good health. Clearly, this is beneficial for the senior you care for.

“Touching your face is a very common way for germs to enter the body,” reminds us, “One important tip is to be extremely mindful of your thoughts so you can control your hand movements. If you are stressed out, meditate for a few minutes to gather your thoughts. Write down your thoughts on a piece of paper or notebook.”

Limit your exposure to others.

One of the best ways to stay clean is to not get dirty in the first place. In other words, you’ll want to do your best to avoid exposure to others for as long as you can help it. “Social distancing” is arguably today’s most popular term. And there’s a reason for that. It’s helping to flatten the curve of confirmed coronavirus cases across the world. even suggests limiting or cancelling visits from personal support workers (PSWs) who usually visit your elderly loved one. “For those who must come, you’ll need to ensure safety measures are being followed,” says the site, “For starters, PSWs and any other visitors should wash their hands immediately upon entry…Workers should also wear gloves and masks and sanitize all medical equipment.”

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