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The Art Of Keeping Mom And Dad Comfortably At Home

This has been a tough year for everyone. Unquestionably, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to change the ways in which we live our lives. Social distancing, for example, has become commonplace. As a result, many Canadians haven’t seen members of their families in months. This is especially true for older adults. Because they are highly susceptible to the affects of COVID-19, seniors are highly advised to self-isolate.

This isn’t exactly possible though, is it? Most elderly people require some type of care. As a result, many Canadians are choosing to have their aging parents live at home instead of in long-term care facilities. But how can they keep Mom and Dad at home safely and comfortably?

Develop good bedtime rituals.

Adequate sleep is a necessity for all of us. But, for older adults, getting good night sleeps is imperative to stay alert. By getting a minimum seven to eight hours of sleep each night, seniors can more easily function each and every day. Naturally, this is an important part of staying safe. By coming up with a good bedtime ritual, a senior can also improve his/her physical and mental health.

“Reading, bathing, praying, playing music, playing with the cat, and more are bed-time rituals that are highly recommended for people in their senior years,” insists, “This tip goes beyond just feeling comfortable in your own home. It has more to with the effects on your health and cognitive abilities.”

Ensure proper attention to medication.

A senior’s daily doses of prescription medication are imperative to their well-being. Obviously, it’s vital for them to take their meds as advised by their physicians. The National Institute On Aging reminds us that there are devices available to remind seniors when it is time for them to take their next doses.

“Special pill boxes allow you or someone else to set out your pills for an entire week,” says their site, “Have you just gotten out of the hospital and still need nursing care at home for a short time? The hospital discharge planner can help you make arrangements, and Medicare might pay for a home health aide to come to your home.”

Install grab bars.

It’s no secret that, as we age, we experience greater physical challenges. If the older loved one in your household has any mobility issues, it’s wise to invest in appropriate mobility solutions. Does your parent require the use of a walker or wheelchair? The addition of safety mechanisms is especially important in the bathroom. We highly recommend the installation of grab bars to help keep your aging parent steady and upright when using the toilet and/or shower. suggests that you place furniture or support bars throughout the home, wherever they may be needed. “Install grab bars in strategic locations within your home,” advises the site, “This will give you ease when carrying out home activities.”

Grab bars are just one of the many bathroom accessibility devices offered by Advantage Home Health Solutions. To learn more about them, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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