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Electric Power Lift Recliner Sizing & Fit

Here’s what’s important:

Fitting the chair to the person, not the person to the chair.

Fitting the person to the chair and ‘settling’ for something close will inevitably lead to pressure points and discomfort. And with an investment of that size, you should get all the comfort you deserve!

Often, when clients look for a power recliner with massage and heat features, what they’re really looking for is pain relief. The wrong fit or size chair can cause pressure points and therefore discomfort. When you choose the correct size and fit for your power recliner chair, you’re eliminating and preventing pressure points.


AHHS SeatedMeasure


Recliner chairs are not “one size fits all”. Quite the opposite! We have many different sizes of chairs.

Seat Height – The most important measurement is foot to seat height. Your feet must be on the floor in a natural sitting position.

Seat Depth & Width – Power recliner lift chairs are built so that the seat depth and width are proportionate to the seat height. However, there are also models with extra wide seats for alternate comfort positions (ultimate for some!)

Seat Back – Not all bodies are built the same! Some people have short legs and a long torso. Some have long legs, short torso and many fit the ‘just average’. Therefore the seat back height is equally important for finding the right fit for comfort and posture.


There are a few measurements that will help you find the right size chair and they are:

  • 1 – Seat to floor measurement (from the back of the knee to your heel with your heels on the floor)
  • 2 – Seat Depth measurement (from inside your knee to the back of the chair)
  • 3 – Seat Height measurement (from the seat to the top of your head)
  • BONUS–Seat Width (some models have an extra wide option)

These few basic measurements will help guide you in finding the correct fitting chair for your comfort. With this understanding, you can visit our store, try out some models or continue on and learn more. 


Explore power recliners with your comfort in mind!



Now that you have your measurements, it makes it easy to explore options that will fit you! Take a look at the measurement ranges in each of the size tabs above and when you’re ready, come to the store and try a couple on for size!


Small Power Recliner Chair Measurement Ranges

 Chair Ranges From To
Seat to Floor 16″ 20″
Seat Depth 18″ 18.5″
Top of Back to Seat 25″ 28″
Seat Width 18.5″ 20″


Medium Power Recliner Chair Measurement Ranges

 Chair Ranges From To
Seat to Floor 19.5″ 20.5″
Seat Depth 18″ 22.5″
Top of Back to Seat 25″ 27″
Seat Width 21″ 22.5″

The range of measurements for tall power recliner chairs:

Tall Chair Ranges From To
Seat to Floor 20.5″ 21.5″
Seat Depth 22″ 22.5″
Top of Back to Seat 26″ 31″
Seat Width 22″ 23.5″


Wide Power Recliner Chair Measurement Ranges

 Chair Ranges From To
Seat to Floor 18″ 19.5″
Seat Depth 18″ 18.5″
Top of Back to Seat 23″ 24.5″
Seat Width 24″ 24″

So many choices! How do I decide?

The next step is selecting your size and important ‘must have’ features. We have plenty of models in-store to show all the features. Some options include infinite recline positions, special sleep tilt functions and even simple up/down controls with heat and massage. If you’d like to know more, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!