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Taking The Sense Of Doom Out Of The Bathroom

It’s no secret that bathrooms have slippery surfaces. You don’t even need to step into the always-slick-surfaced bathtub in order to be at risk of falling. The majority of bathrooms have tiled floors. This makes the whole slick-surface experience an immediate one any time a bathroom is entered.

Bathrooms can be especially dangerous for seniors and individuals with mobility issues. So what can be done to take the sense of doom out of the bathroom?

Change your faucet handles to levers.

Believe it or not, many knobs and handles found in bathrooms are difficult for seniors to manage. There’s a request of added effort on the wrists to turn certain knobs. So, for many seniors, levers make much better options. They are easier to grip and turn, requiring less effort and overall strength to turn water on and off.

“For many older adults, the best types of faucet handles are levers vs. knob types,” agrees Esther Kane on, “They are much easier to manage (especially if you have arthritic hands) and you can control both hot and cold water with one hand which is especially useful if you have suffered a stroke or other situation where you are left being able to use only one hand.”

Place non-slip bath mats on the floors and in the bathtub.

Bathroom floors are slippery. Bathtub floors are even more slippery. This is especially the case during a shower when a flow of water creates a greater chance of a slip and fall. Non-slip mats are excellent ways to give all bathroom users better footing. Unlike throw rugs and standard bath mats (which are big tripping hazards, by the way), non-slip mats are affixed to their surfaces, helping to prevent any slipping in the bathroom.

As explains, “placing a non-slip mat in the shower prevents the senior from falling while showering and a non-slip rug on the floor outside the shower prevents any slipping once the senior is out of the shower. Non-slip tape is a lower cost option for shower pans and tub bottoms.”

Trade your old bathtub for the walk-in or curbless variety.

Walk-in bathtubs eliminate the need to take that big step over the edge. In many cases, taking that big step creates a loss of balance. This is especially true for seniors and individuals with mobility issues. As puts it, a curbless shower can make the transition from wheelchair to shower seat simple and easy for the senior and the caregiver.

“Walk-in bath tubs are another popular option, as they are much easier to access than traditional tubs and most have a built in seat as well,” says the site, “There are many different options for installing a curbless shower or a walk-in bathtub. You can buy and have installed a pre-fabricated unit, or you can do it yourself. The advantage to having a new unit installed is that they are specifically designed for senior care.”

Creating an accessible bathroom that fits your needs is easy with Advantage Home Health Solutions’ knowledge and expertise. If you’d like to learn more about the accessibility renovations we offer for the bathroom, contact us for a consultation. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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