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Superfoods Can Help Seniors To Boost Strength, Balance And Overall Health

Throughout the vast majority of our lives, we have been told to eat nutritious foods. Everything from “you’ll rot your teeth” to “you’re going to get sick” have been used as reasons to opt for fruits and veggies over candies and chips. We may have hated the advice as kids. But, as adults, we know that our parents were right. Also, having grown up, we realize that it’s our turn to give advice about healthy eating. In many cases, those tips need to be delivered to the elderly.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for seniors to consume healthy meals. But what foods are the healthiest? There are many, in fact, that can actually contribute to an older person’s strength and balance as well as their overall health. They are known as superfoods!

Spinach and kale.

As kids, most of us turned up our noses to just about anything on our plates that was green. For seniors, it’s important to dig forks into such nutrient powerhouses as spinach and kale. These leafy greens are extremely high in vitamins A, C, and K. Each of them is crucial for maintaining strong bone health and immune function. In addition, the high fibre content of these leafy greens aids in digestion. This promotes a healthy body weight. In addition, leafy greens are jam packed with antioxidants. They protect cells from damage while reducing inflammation.

“Dark-coloured leafy greens like kale and spinach are rich in carotenoids, which have been shown to protect the eyes against oxidative damage,” reports the National Council on Aging, “Spinach is also loaded with vitamins A and C, which help protect the heart and moderate blood pressure levels. Vitamin K is another leafy-green nutrient, found to play a major role in preventing osteoporosis. Leafy greens are delicious in a salad, in a sandwich, or sautéed with a splash of healthy oil.”

Blueberries and strawberries.

Figuratively speaking, these deliciously sweet berries are easier to digest, right? Known for their inclusion in many desserts, both blueberries and strawberries are super nutritious. They are loaded with vitamins including the ever-popular vitamin C, which is important for skin health and immune function. Berries are also packed with antioxidants  such as anthocyanins. They help to protect the brain from aging, which improves cognitive function. In addition, the high fibre found in berries supports digestive health and can help regulate blood sugar levels.

“In an interview with U.S. News & World Report, Reema Kanda, a registered dietitian nutritionist with the Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Irvine, California, says studies show that blueberries have positive neurocognitive effects in both animals and humans,” reports the National Council on Aging, “As a result, Kanda says, they may help delay age-related cognitive decline.”

Nuts and seeds.

Don’t let people deter you from chomping on almonds and chia seeds by calling them “bird food”. Not only are they tasty, but nuts and seeds are nutrient-dense. We’re talking healthy fats, protein and fibre. Almonds, in particular have plenty of vitamin E. It both promotes skin health and protects against oxidative stress, which is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in your body that leads to cell damage.

When it comes to chia seeds, we’re talking about a ton of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and antioxidants. This combination works to build bones and reduce inflammation. Also, the protein and fibre in nuts and seeds helps to keep you full and satisfied. This supports weight management.

Lifetime Daily also advocates walnuts. “Walnuts have particular superpowers,” declares their website, “They contain large amounts (2.5 grams per 1 oz. serving) of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid that’s required by the human body. In fact, walnuts are the only nut to contain a significant amount of ALA.”

Salmon and mackerel.

Are there any seafood lovers out there? If so, you’ll be quite pleased to know that adding fatty fish like salmon and mackerel to your plate is a very healthy choice. These delicious fish are amazing sources of omega-3 fatty acids. In other words, they promote heart and brain health. The healthy fats in these fish also help to reduce inflammation while lowering the risk of heart disease and arthritis. That’s not all! Because they are rich in vitamin D, fatty fish improve bone health as well.

“Fatty fish (e.g., salmon, herring, mackerel, trout, and tuna steak) is an excellent source of protein – a nutrient vital to maintaining muscle mass in older adults,” adds the National Council on Aging, “It’s also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease. A great way to enjoy a fresh fish filet is to lightly season it, bake it, and serve with a side of cruciferous vegetables.”


How do you like your eggs? Whether they are boiled, scrambled or poached, good old eggs offer great ways for seniors to enjoy ample nutrition. We all know that eggs provide high-quality protein. They also contain vitamin D, which supports bone health, and B vitamins, which aid in energy production and metabolic function. Yummy eggs also happen to be a top source of choline which is a nutrient that regulates memory, mood and muscle control among other functions.

 “Choline is used to build cell membranes and has a role in producing signaling molecules in the brain, along with various other functions,” informs, “The symptoms of choline deficiency are serious, so fortunately it’s rare in most healthy, non-pregnant people, mainly because the body makes choline. Whole eggs are an excellent source of choline. A single egg contains more than 100 mg of this very important nutrient.”

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