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Stepping Up Senior Care During The Coronavirus Pandemic

There’s nothing easy about contending with a crisis. As the current coronavirus pandemic is proving for caregivers, it can be especially difficult to remain self-isolated and practice social distancing when you have an elderly loved one to look after. After all, going to the doctor on a regular basis is common part of a senior’s life. However, it’s the opposite of social distancing. So what steps should be taken to step up senior care during the coronavirus pandemic?

Postpone unnecessary doctor visits.

Let’s not gloss over this topic. Many doctor’s offices, all throughout Canada, are contacting their patients to postpone their previously scheduled appointments. Some physicians are conducting their appointments via telephone conversations, when possible. At this time, only absolutely essentially appointments and surgery dates are being kept. If you haven’t yet cancelled or postponed an upcoming doctor visit that isn’t necessary, do so right away.

“Keep in mind that many older people, especially those living with chronic illness, have important relationships with their caregivers,” notes Dr. Alicia Arbaje of Johns Hopkins Medicine, “To help them stay in touch, ask their doctors’ offices if they offer telemedicine, which enables doctors and patients to communicate over video, email or other means rather than face-to-face.”

Make sure medical equipment is in good working order.

The last thing you want during the coronavirus pandemic is for your elderly loved one’s necessary medical equipment to malfunction. If there is any notable damage or wear and tear that may impede the older adult’s use of the equipment, it’s wise to seek a speedy replacement. A worst-case scenario situation would be one where the senior in your family requires a hospital visit during the COVID-19 crisis. Making sure his/her medical equipment is in tip-top shape will help to avoid such a scary development.

“If your loved one relies on some kind of medical equipment, like a hearing aid or an insulin pump, make sure they’re also suitably geared up to sustain these crucial supplies,” insists Sara Zeff Geber on, “Hearing aid batteries and backup insulin are a good example of supplies to keep on top of. Obviously, there are other conditions which require different sorts of maintenance, so just like the medication, make sure you’re informed about what your loved one needs and how to get it.”

Get your hands on home bathroom modifications.

“Many elderly patients have difficulties taking a shower or a bath because they cannot stand for extended periods of time or get into or out of the bath tub,” reports Toronto’s Carefect Home Care Services, “If this is the case with your parents, then buy shower equipment to help them out. Shower chairs and railings can help them be more efficient and more comfortable in the shower.”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we know that safety and peace of mind are of the utmost importance to you and your family. Our bathroom accessibility devices products will aid your elderly loved in performing their everyday bathroom activities. Our extensive list of accessibility devices for an accessible bathroom includes bathroom super poles, bathroom grab bars, shower grab bars, bath chairs, bath lifts and transfer benches.

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