Straight Stair Lift Installation – Handicare 1100
Straight stair lift installation in the Airdrie area: recent project where we installed a Handicare 1100 onto beautiful hardwood stairs for a family near Calgary.
AHHS Stairlift Install Measure for rail cutting
Beginning at the shop, we prepared our rails today to make our installation faster tomorrow. We needed to cut the rails to the right length for the client’s stairs. Each project requires specific measurements for the site.
AHHS Stairlift Install cut the rails

We have special tools at our warehouse for the job including a saw with a special blade which can cut through aluminum.

AHHS Stairlift Install charge strip in place

Once the rails are cut to the correct length, we finish other prep work including installation of the charging strip as well as connecting and clamping the two lengths of rail together. We also attached the feet in an adjustable way so we will be able modify them to the exact spacing needed once we were on site.

AHHS Stairlift Install Clamp
We’ll be taking along all of our spares kit and specials tools required at the site to complete the installation. Here we can see a special clamp that is required in order for us to mount the motor onto the rail for the stair lift.
AHHS Stairlift Install client home align feet

We’ve arrived at the client’s home and we can see Phil making adjustments to the feet placement so that they are in the right spot for the stair treads. We’ll also be adding some extension plates with support stanchions on the for the Zero Intrusion feature of the Handicare 1100 straight stair lift.

AHHS Stairlift Install motor mounted

The power pack has been mounted on the rail. It contains four motors inside and uses a special Friction Drive technology which grips the rail from the outside. This is different from other stairlifts on the market which use a rack and pinion system instead. No grease, no mess here. Instead, a nice smooth and quiet ride.

AHHS Stairlift Install tighten tidy wires add motor covers
Now the pole on which the seat is mounted has been installed and the footrest has been attached as well. We are beginning to connect the wiring for the power to the chair also.
AHHS Stairlift Install seat swivel options

Derek shows the swivel handles on the chair seat for the stairlift. The Handicare 1100 has the ability to swivel either left or right, depending on the individual circumstances. This one will be configured on the left (as you’re looking up from the bottom) and we’ll use the right swivel so that the user can easily and safely exit the stairlift at the top of the stairs.

AHHS Stairlift Install seat mounted

We’ve finished mounting the seat and running power.  We’ll perform some testing and adjust the cams so that the stair lift stops in the correct position both top and bottom. 

AHHS Stairlift Install level seat
Final adjustments are being made to the vertical and horizontal levels of the seat. The chair will be adjusted one or two degrees towards the top of the stairs to provide an extra feeling of safety to the rider of the stair lift. We’ll finish up by tidying up the wires and clipping them in place with special wire clips on the bottom of the rail.
AHHS Stairlift Install final screws

Now that the final safety tests have been run, the final placement on the steps can be completed. We pre-drill the hard wood to prevent cracking and then screw down the metal plate extenders with the stanchion supports. These supports are the design adjustment to incorporate the Zero Intrusion feature so there’s no tripping hazard created at the top of the stairs for the office.

AHHS Stairlift Install hug the wall

Look how snug to the wall the stairlift is installed. This ensures that the stairs are safe for other people in the home too. With the seat and footrest folded up, it also prevents the stairlift becoming an obstacle for those entering the front door.

AHHS Stairlfit Install final chair

The stair lift installation is complete and nicely stored at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for it’s user to arrive home.

YouTube video

Watch the video above to see the entire process from start to finish.

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