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Pride VivaLift Urbana Lift Chair

Pride VivaLift Urbana lift chair is a power recliner that will keep you comfortable all year round. Available in 2 beautiful colour choices of soft, breathable leather-like feeling fabric that's easy to clean.
Find the best fitting power recliner lift chair with some measurements

We have power lift recliner chairs in several brands which come in various sizes including small, medium, tall, wide chairs. Generic furniture stores will often carry only two models (small and tall). Getting a chair that fits the person is important. People are built differently. A power lift recliner chair for a tall person is going to be taller floor to seat and also deeper knee to back and also seat to head height and width when compared with those for people 5′ 3″ and under. 

How do you get the best fitting chair?

The most important measurement is foot to seat height. You don’t want to have to “jump up into” your chair. You’ll be able to comfortably touch the floor with your feet while sitting. Second, when sitting in the chair, you’ll want to feel supported behind your knees. Seat depth is perfect when you’re in the chair sitting back, your knees are comfortably bent and you feel support in the hip and lumbar region of the chair. Lastly, you’ll need the back of the chair to be the correct height. Your torso measurement will determine where the head and neck support provide the best comfort. 

The Pride VivaLift Urbana lift chair is a medium sized power recliner that will soothe away your busy life.

The Urbana power recliner lift chair will keep you comfortable and relaxed and fits wonderfully in your condo or townhouse. As part of the Pride VivaLift collection, you’ll find your perfect position with standard features like power headrest and power lumbar support.

With the VivaLift infinite positioning, you can take your relaxation experience to the next level. This 400lb capacity chair can be positioned to your customized settings with the touch of a button. It’s available in two modern chic stonewashed colours to match any decor. Better than any chair you can find in a furniture store, it’s a recliner on steroids! It has all these features and more:

  • ergonomically designed hand control with two programmable memory position buttons
  • footrest extension
  • available in medium height (5′ 4″ to 5′ 9″)
  • infinite position
  • wireless charger for compatible phones
  • 7 year pro-rated warranty
  • lithium battery backup
  • soft, supple fabric choices which are easy to keep clean
  • upward lift capability

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Available Size Sepecifications

Model PLR-965M

Infinite Position



Upward Lift

Seat to Floor 20″
Seat Depth 20″
Seat Width 21″
Top of Back to Seat 25″
Seat Depth 39″
Distance From Wall 14″
Overall Width 33″
Made for Medium (5′ 4″ to 5′ 9″)

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