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Porch Lifts Help To Return Normalcy To Lives

Individuals who require the use of wheelchairs shouldn’t have to miss out on all of the enjoyable moments that life has to offer. At least, this is a staunch belief of Advantage Home Health Solutions. We strongly believe in restoring senses of independence in people who are most often told that they are unable to live life “normally”. It’s our mission to provide solutions to help return normalcy to the lives of our clients.

How do porch lifts help people to live life normally?

Porch lifts, which are also known as vertical platform lifts, are large mechanical platforms with enough space to comfortably carry an individual in his/her wheelchair up or down alongside a set of stairs. By being able to bypass stairs in this way, wheelchair users regain their ability to manage things on their own.

Naturally, the ability to walk up and down a flight of steps on one’s own is an example of being physically independent. Those with mobility issues and who need wheelchairs to get around are often made to feel that they can’t enjoy this sense of independence. As mentioned, porch lifts allow wheelchair users to safely get up and down flights of steps that lead into homes and other buildings without any help.

“Porch lifts provide their users with senses of independence,” agrees our friend Chris Gaffney of Toronto-based LifeCare Mobility Solutions, “It should never be understated that an individual with mobility issues endures as much emotional hardships as he/she does physical limitations….Most adults are used to being caregivers for children. To require such care as an adult can be quite deflating emotionally. With a porch lift installed, a wheelchair user can regain the sense of pride that comes with being able to do things on his/her own.”

Where are porch lifts commonly installed?

By their very name, you can already guess that porches are where porch lifts are often found. Located beside a porch, the lift enables a user to reach the front door of a house without having to ascend the actual staircase. However, porch lifts can also be installed in the backs of houses and inside garages. Generally speaking, wherever there are stairs that lead to the entrance of a home, a porch lift can be installed.

How do porch lifts provide their users with independence?

Porch lifts come with drive mechanisms that control the up-and-down movement of the lifts. This gives their users total control. No longer inhibited by steps, a person who requires a mobility solution such as wheelchair, rollator, walker or scooter can get in and out of a building without the need of a caregiver.

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we couldn’t be more proud of our porch lifts! They are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions that Canada is known for. We’re not just talking about our extremely cold and snowy winters, by the way. Extremely hot and dry temperatures are also easily endured by our porch lifts. We believe that they make both reliable and economical choices to achieve a return to normalcy in your life.

For more information about the porch lifts offered by Advantage Home Health Solutions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact Us page!

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