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Mobility Scooters Are Excellent Solutions For Seniors

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we proudly carry a wide range of high-quality electric mobility scooters. Particularly helpful for older adults, medical scooters are ideal choices over wheelchairs for individuals who wish to take longer outdoor excursions. In many cases, a manual wheelchair isn’t sufficient for trips to the park, the grocery store or the home of a friend.

What types of mobility scooters are available?

Our mobility scooters come in both the 3-wheel and 4-wheel variety. There are numerous models available to suit the specific needs of their users. The three types of scooters that can be chosen from are travel mobility scooters, mid-size electric mobility scooters and outdoor mobility scooters.

What are travel mobility scooters?

These solutions are ideal for those who do most of their moving around indoors. They can also be used outdoors on smooth, hard surfaces. Because they have small wheels, travel mobility scooters provide superior maneuverability in tight spaces. As well, these solutions are amazingly lightweight. That makes them easy to fold and dismantle for easy portability and storage.

Travel mobility scooters do have limited battery ranges, making them good choices for short excursions. For those who enjoy longer outdoor excursions, mid-size electric mobility scooters would be more ideal.

What are mid-size electric mobility scooters?

So, you’d like to take trips to malls, restaurants, plazas and coffee shops? Your limited mobility should not prevent you from doing so. With a mid-size electric mobility scooter, you can easily get around whether you are indoors or outdoors. There is a wide range of these types of scooters to choose from. They also offer numerous options such as full suspension, headlights, turn signals and power seats.

Larger than travel mobility scooters, mid-size scooters aren’t as easy to transport. They generally do not disassemble so a van or truck would be necessary when travelling with the scooter. A scooter lift may also be necessary for help with getting the scooter into your vehicle. However, if you wish to traverse through rough terrain, you’ll likely want to go with an outdoor mobility scooter.

What are outdoor mobility scooters?

As their name explains, these mobility scooters are excellent for outside use. Especially if you need to travel over rugged terrain, an outdoor mobility scooter is an ideal mobility solution. They are available with either three or four wheels – the latter providing maximum stability.

As well, these solutions are available with suspensions, light packages and seating options. Similar to mid-size electric mobility scooters, outdoor mobility scooters require larger vehicles that are equipped with vehicle lifts or ramps for transport.

Which type of scooter would be ideal for your needs?

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we always ensure that you have the complete picture to make an informed decision. You will know all of the possible options so you can choose which solution is best for you. We have qualified technicians that can adjust and maintain your electric mobility scooter, including your scooter battery, to ensure that it gives you years of trouble-free performance.

For more information about our electric mobility scooters, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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