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Lift chairs in Calgary look like standard reclining chairs, however, unlike regular manual recliners, these chairs are controlled by the push of a button. Lift chairs in Calgary use motors that enable them to lift individuals to a near-standing position or lower them safely to a fully reclined position.

If your loved ones have mobility or balance issues, purchase or rent them a lift chair in Calgary so they can live safely, comfortably, and independently. These chairs are available in a variety of different sizes, styles, colours and a variety of fabric choices, including leather, so you can choose one that fits with their existing decor. They will likely become the favorite chair in their home.

Advantages of Using Lift Chairs in Calgary

Lift chairs offer plenty of benefits for individuals with mobility issues. Here are some of them:

Lift Chairs in Calgary Assist With Standing Up and Sitting Down
As people age, some experience decreased mobility or ability to balance. When this happens, even simple activities, such as standing up or sitting down, become difficult. With just the push of a button, lift chairs in Calgary can lift your loved one to an almost full standing position or lower them down into a seated position reducing back and knee pain.

Lift Chairs in Calgary Help People Become More Independent
Lift chairs make getting in and out of the chair significantly easier, without the need for assistance. This makes them feel more independent.

Lift Chairs in Calgary Can Recline Into a Sleeping Position
Some lift recline chairs have the ability to tilt right back flat to a sleeping position with the press of a button. They’re perfect for a great nap.

Some Lift Chairs in Calgary Have Heat and Massage Options
Some lift chairs have the option of specially designed heat and massage features. If your loved one needs relaxation and heat therapy, these chairs can be perfect for them.

Lift Chairs in Calgary Can Be Rented
Buying a new lift chair can be expensive. You may not be sure if the chair you select is the right one for your friend or family member. If you only need it temporarily, consider renting instead. By renting a lift chair, your loved one can try it and experience how it works. Once you’ve decided to buy any of our lift chairs in Calgary, you can simply return the rented one.

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