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Keeping Your Wheelchair In Tip-Top Shape All Summer Long

Rejoice! The season we’ve all been waiting for is officially here. The start of summer got underway this past Sunday. If you’re like most Canadians, you’re thrilled at the opportunity to enjoy warmth and sunshine for the next two to three months – if we’re lucky! While the Advantage Home Health Solutions team wishes you a wonderful summertime, we’d like to remind you that it’s important to take certain precautions.

Do you use a wheelchair as your mobility solution? If so, it’s wise to ensure that your device is kept in tip-top shape all throughout the hottest season of the year.

Regularly inspect the brakes.

Needless to say, your wheelchair’s brakes are among its most important features. The summertime is likely to take you outdoors more often. As a result, your wheelchair will be enduring more wear and tear than usual. Make sure the wear and tear on your brakes doesn’t go unchecked. The last thing you want is for them to malfunction due to damage.

“If you feel a bumping feeling or hesitation when using the brakes, replacement is needed immediately,” warns Virginia’s medical mobility experts, WSR, “You can test your brakes by driving your wheelchair in a straight line at a moderate speed then stopping suddenly. If there’s an issue with stopping it’s best to have the brakes inspected by a professional or replaced.”

Keep the battery charged.

Don’t take for granted that your wheelchair’s battery has enough juice. Make it a rule of thumb to charge it each and every night. That way, you can be assured that your wheelchair will be good to go each and every day. Warmer temperatures can impact battery life. By frequently charging your battery, you will ensure that your wheelchair never loses power away from home.

“One of the peskiest parts to the hot summer months is the toll they can have on your power chair’s battery,” notes Freedom Mobility Center, Inc., “The hotter it is, the quicker the battery’s power will drain. To avoid your chair losing power, you must constantly charge your chair’s battery whenever you can. If you’re staying in a beach house for vacation, be sure to charge the battery whenever you go inside for lunch, bathroom break, etc.”

Replace damaged tires.

Don’t wait to get a flat tire. If you see that the tires on your wheelchair are looking worn, have little tread left or are damaged in any way, get new ones! It goes without saying that the condition of your wheelchair’s tires must be excellent. Good tires are needed to ensure both the proper functioning of the wheelchair and overall safety of its user. Insist on having your wheelchair always equipped with tires that are in good shape.

“Wheelchair tires naturally get worn out during use,” notes WSR, “Common signs include wear on one or more tires and damage to the exterior of the tire due to navigating over harsh terrain such as rocks.”

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