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Introducing SideStix: Forearm Crutches In A Class Of Their Own

Because there are a variety of mobility issues that can be had, there are a variety of solutions to choose from. It’s not as easy as determining whether or not a person has the ability to walk. There are many individuals who can walk, but still require assistance in staying stable and upright. This is especially true for those who wish to walk long distances. In many cases, a walker isn’t necessarily the answer, but forearm crutches are!

Forearm crutches are aptly named. They are crutches that are designed with cuffs for the user’s forearms instead of traditional crutches which are meant to be secured by the underarms. Users place their forearms in the cuff and their hands on grips in order to steady themselves when walking. Forearm crutches are meant to give great support to those who require assistance with walking and are especially popular with amputees.

It needs to be stated, however, that not all forearm crutches are created equally. Those who have done their research about forearm crutches will find standard, run-of-the-mill products that may cost somewhere in the area of $150.00. We are quite confident in stating that such products are not worth the relatively low costs. In the world of forearm crutches, you definitely get what you pay for. And when you’re looking for a solution to your mobility issues, it is most definitely worth paying for quality.

This is why Advantage Home Health Solutions is a very proud carrier of SideStix!

Not only is SideStix a much cooler description of forearm crutches, but the brand provides a much higher-quality product. In fact, it’s quite simply the best on the market! Therefore, prices for their forearm crutches generally range between $500 and $1000 and up. SideStix products are specifically designed for their users so that they can maximize their abilities to reduce wear and tear on the body. This is especially important for amputees, who require more effort out of their shoulders to carry their bodies.

It should be noted that shoulders aren’t meant to carry our bodies the way our hips are designed. And when shoulders are asked to replace our hips, quality assistance is necessary. With SideStix, users receive “made to measure” performance. They are able to specify the product’s forearm cuff style, the length of the forearm, the type of hand grip, the length of the cane or lower part of the crutch (the tube), whether or not there is a damper/shock, the length of the tube and the type of tube among other specifications.

Can anything on the market compare to SideStix?

Simply put, no. We can confidently state that in the world of forearm crutches, these are as good as they get! “SideStix are the first and only performance enhancing mobility devices that feature a number of researched innovations to prevent the fatigue and injury associated with long-term use from other crutches,” they report on their website.

“From our ergonomic design and patent pending shock absorbing system that has been scientifically proven to reduce joint pain and compression, to our revolutionary articulating foot assembly with attachable tips for use on any terrain, SideStix are your best choice when wanting to go farther with less effort and fatigue. In fact, we defy you to call them crutches!”

Because SideStix products are specifically designed for their users, they are much easier to use and much easier on the body than standard forearm crutches. They have been known to give people with mobility issues the ability to walk with confidence. Whether users are amputees, individuals rehabbing from injuries or people who simply wish to enjoy walking and hiking with less pain and fatigue, SideStix products are the right choice!

We would be more than happy to discuss our SideStix products with you in further detail. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Advantage Home Health Solutions to ask them. Give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact Page!

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