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How To Enjoy The Forthcoming Fall With Your Elderly Loved Ones

The first of September has officially arrived. And that can only mean one thing. The summer is over. We hate to break the news to you but the warmest and sunniest season of them all has come to a close. Yes, we are still bound to see some more warm and sunny days. The fall doesn’t start until September 22nd after all. However, we all know what’s coming. Cooler days will soon be here.

What does that mean for the older adults in your family? Are you worried about how to keep them active during the fall? What are some ways you can enjoy the impending autumn with your elderly loved ones?

Take the family to a pumpkin patch.

This is an obvious go-to autumn activity. And it provides many benefits. Firstly, it’s an activity the entire family can enjoy together. It should go without saying that seniors love being included in family outings, as long as they’re capable of taking part. Secondly, it offers some light exercise and fresh air – an excellent combo for people of all ages. Finally, pumpkin picking is an exciting way to begin preparing for Halloween!

“Later in fall, many families head out of town to visit pumpkin patches to choose the pumpkins they’ll carve at Halloween, and perhaps a few to decorate their front steps,” says Calgary’s Senior Homecare by Angels, “Seniors are likely enjoy these traditions, as well as the tasty accompaniments like hot chocolate or cider. Make plans to bring them along, and pick up an extra pumpkin for their porch.”

Bake some seasonal treats.

Autumn-based baking is the best! In addition to cookies and cakes, we’re thinking pies of the apple, blueberry and, of course, pumpkin variety. Naturally, baking is an indoor activity. With cooler temperatures likely to keep you inside more often, baking is a go-to fun, fall-based task. As Landmark Senior Living affirms, baking is a great fall activity for seniors to engage in.

“As the weather gets colder, you might find yourself more drawn to baking again,” their website notes, “Nothing reminds you that Christmas is on the horizon like autumnal treats like baked apples, pumpkin cheesecake – try this no-bake version for added ease – and some sweet, sugared cookies.”

Go apple picking.

Who says a pumpkin patch is the only produce-based activity you can enjoy in the fall? A great way to get seniors out of the home for some fresh air is to visit an orchard. Better yet – do you have an apple tree? Why not request your elderly loved one to help pick some apples? As Senior Homecare by Angels reminds us, many seniors take pride in their ability to help their family members.

“If your older mom or dad are still in their homes, they likely can manage most things with some care and support,” says their website, “If a tree in the backyard is laden with apples, bring family over to pick them. Rake leaves, clean up flower beds, and leave your mom and dad cozy and ready for winter.”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we would only be too happy to help the older adults in your life to enjoy the fall. Will they be in need of any mobility solutions to help make the season safe? For information about all of the products we offer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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