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Getting Your Elderly Loved Ones In On The Action This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving taking place this coming weekend, families all over Canada are preparing for big meals. Sadly, COVID-19 may prevent many of those meals from being as big as they have been in previous years. Nevertheless, this Thanksgiving is still bound to be a time when people acknowledge how lucky they are.

Many Canadian families are very lucky to still have grandparents and even great grandparents take part in their holidays. Naturally, it’s important for seniors to feel included in family festivities. Are you looking for ways to get your elderly loved ones in on the action this Thanksgiving?

Let everyone help out with the meal.

As we mentioned, it’s important for seniors to feel included in holiday gatherings. Why not have the elderly loved ones in your family help with preparing this year’s Thanksgiving meal? On, Joy Intriago reminds us that the seasonal sights, smells and tastes associated with Thanksgiving often help older adults to recall the happiest times of their lives.

“Seniors who are able to should help with the preparation,” she writes, “They may have a lot of good tips to give on making a turky turn out right or seasoning stuffing! While he or she may not be able to engage in complex tasks, many seniors can stir the cake mix, set the table, or roll out cookie dough. The most important thing is that the senior feels involved and like a vital part of the holiday effort.”

Set up a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are among the most fun in-home activities you can participate in. They are also exciting ways to unite the members of your older and younger family members. Pair differently-aged participants together and have them locate Thanksgiving-based items around the home. This will not only grow the enjoyment of the special holiday but give everyone some well-needed light exercise.

“For this hunt, print off turkey pictures and post them in rooms throughout the home,” suggests Kimberly Miller of Home Care Assistance, “The guests can team up to find the turkey pictures, or everyone can play solo. If you want to make this more challenging for your loved one, place a clue on the pictures asking players to locate a hidden item. A scavenger hunt is a stimulating game that exercises the brain…Staying socially active and engaging in fun activities are vital for a senior’s wellbeing.”

Host Thanksgiving Bingo.

If we’re being honest, we all know that the game of Bingo and senior citizens go hand in hand. Set up a Bingo game for the whole family this Thanksgiving long weekend. Miller offers up a unique way to theme the traditional game around the special holiday.

“Instead of placing numbers on the bingo cards, print out cards with Thanksgiving-related statements on them,” she explains, “Someone will need to call out these statements as if they were numbers. For this activity, your loved one will need to use his or her short and long-term memory and critical thinking skills, which could stave off mental health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we’d love to help your elderly loved one safely enjoy this Thanksgiving. To learn all about our accessibility and mobility solutions, give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page! Happy Thanksgiving!

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