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Finding The Keys To Eliminating A Senior’s Fear Of Falling

We’ve often discussed the extreme importance of bathroom safety, here on the Advantage Home Health Solutions Blog. Naturally, we’ve pointed out the obvious fact that, as we age, our strength and balance decreases, making us all more susceptible to slips and falls. It needs to be noted that protecting seniors from slips and falls is of paramount importance. The Government of Canada confirms that falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital submissions for seniors.

Falls lead to fear.

“Approximately half of all falls that lead to hospitalization among seniors occur at home,” they note on, “The bathroom and stairs are particularly hazardous due to the risk of slipping, tripping and stumbling.” The website goes on to highlight another important factor in the slipping and falling epidemic that befalls so many of our nation’s senior citizens: Fear.

“Seniors who fall may limit their activities for fear of falling again,” the Government of Canada highlights, “Yet by limiting activities, they are likely to lose strength and flexibility and increase their risk of falling again. Maintaining physical activity is essential if you wish to prevent falls and injury.” So, what can be done to diminish an elderly person’s fear of falling?

It starts with a conversation.

“What exactly is causing you to be fearful?” This is a leading question to start an important conversation about the fear had by your elderly loved one. There may be some factors relating to your elderly loved one’s concerns that aren’t even related to his/her physical limitations. As Pamela Tabar of I Advance Senior Care points out, fear is psychological, but it is often grounded in reality.

“Does that hallway seem too dark to them?” she asks, “Does even a brightly lit staircase fill them with trepidation? A quick examination of the living environment can uncover plenty of hazards that can contribute to fear of falling. Removing loose throw rugs, adding handrails or brighter lighting, and making things easier to reach can empower seniors who are aging in place.”

Help restore their independence.

Oftentimes, fear comes as a result of an assumption that certain things cannot be done independently. When seniors feel that they need assistance to perform certain tasks, they will be a lot less likely to do things on their own. As a result, depression compounds the fear, resulting in a greater lack of confidence to do anything without help. This is where mobility solutions and accessibility devices come in handy.

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we offer a wide variety of accessibility devices to promote safer and more accessible bathrooms for seniors and individuals with mobility issues. Our list of essential items includes bathroom super poles, bathroom grab bars, shower grab bars, bath chairs, bath lifts, transfer benches, roll-in showers, slide-in tubs and walk-in tubs.

“A walk-in tub is a great option for seniors who do not want to take the risk of falling while getting into or out of the bathtub,” writes Tim Brewer of Uplifting Mobility, “These tubs have doors that allow users to walk in and sit down without having to worry about climbing over a traditional tub ledge.”

Let’s work together on eliminating your elderly loved one’s fear of falling!

For more information about the bathroom accessibility devices offered by Advantage Home Health Solutions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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