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Finding Cleanliness And Comfort Through Alternative Bathing Solutions

Cleanliness, Hygiene and Peace of Mind

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we strongly believe in everyone’s right to a comfortable, barrier-free lifestyle. Even though our lives may present us with such barriers as mobility issues, we are of the mind that, with the right solutions, these barriers can be overcome. Many Canadians experience disabilities following bouts with illnesses. Many others experience mobility issues when recovering from injuries. And, as a result, performing normal everyday activities can be challenging.

What normal activity can be especially challenging for those with mobility issues? Bathing is one of those normal everyday activities that we take for granted.  But we can lose that once a mobility issue arises. In many cases, our loved ones find it either difficult or not possible at all to get into the bathroom to properly bathe using conventional bathtubs and showers. Advantage Home Health Solutions proudly offers the Shower Bay which helps those with mobility issues to shower safely without remodeling their bathrooms.

These incredible showers, in fact, are designed to be set up in common living areas such as a bedroom or even the corner of a large closet. They are safe and portable showers that are especially designed for those who use wheelchairs or can’t manage stairs. Shower Bay eliminates the numerous barriers that wheelchair users often encounter in their bathrooms. It provides comfortable showering experiences without the need for expensive home renovations.

Shower Bay – A Unique Design for Any Place in Your Home

The unique design of Shower Bay allows for quick assembly in any room of your home. The unit can be easily snapped together and connected to a standard faucet. Once the pump is turned on, a relaxing, cleansing shower can be enjoyed. We’ve found that our Shower Bay clients really enjoy the return of comfort to their lives. Relieving themselves of the worry about being able to adequately bathe does a lot to improve their overall living.

Who can benefit most from Shower Bay portable showers? Shower Bay offers benefits to a variety of individuals in different life situations. For those who are either convalescing or require palliative care, Shower Bay provides opportunities for them to be at home with their families instead of staying in a health care facilities. It allows for individuals to enjoy the sense of cleanliness that comes from showers as opposed to sponge baths or other assisted modes of bathing which are less appealing.

In addition, for those who rent their homes and are unable to modify or renovate their bathrooms to provide barrier-free access to their showers, Shower Bay provides an ideal solution. It also enables people who may be restricted to the main floor of their living environments. Because Shower Bay is easy to transport and assemble, it can be constructed on any floor of the home that is most convenient for its user.

Feel free to visit Shower Bay if you would like to do more research on their website.

Ensuring You Have the Most Appropriate Solution

Advantage Home Health Solutions makes it a top priority to consult with its clients in order to confirm the most appropriate solutions for their mobility issues. For those who require easier access to their showers, a portable shower is often the ideal solution. It takes up only a small amount of space and voids the need to spend time and money on significant renovations to their living spaces.

An appropriate solution might mean you wish to purchase or rent a Shower Bay.  Both options are available.

Do you have questions you would like answered about Shower Bay or other accessible shower solutions?  Any one of us at Advantage Home Health Stiltons would be pleased to assist you to understand your options.  Give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact Page and we will call you!

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