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Ensuring The Safety Of Older Adults During The Forthcoming Warmth

Here in Calgary, we’re beginning to enjoy some warmer temperatures. Sure, there is still some cloudiness and rain to contend with. But with May now in full swing, we should be able to enjoy some warmth and sunshine in the weeks to come. Not every Calgarian is a big fan of the heat. For some, living in this part of Canada is a benefit since heat stroke isn’t much of a risk at any time of the year.

With that said, each year, many senior citizens throughout Canada endure health issues because of excessive heat and humidity. Heat-related illnesses, however, can be avoided by following some pretty simple safety steps.

Wear sunscreen.

Sunscreen is for people of all ages. And, believe it or not, it should be worn all year round. During the wintertime, the sun still beams down its UV rays. We generally neglect sunscreen because we’re all bundled up. However, those dangerous UV rays can bounce off the snow and into our faces. During the summer, we face a different problem. The heat causes us to expose more of our skin to the sun. Since seniors have much more delicate skin than their younger counterparts, it’s imperative they apply sunscreen before venturing outdoors.

“Did someone say sunburn?” asks, “Buy a broad spectrum sunscreen lotion or spray with sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. Apply the sunscreen liberally to all exposed skin. Also, bugs are abundant in summer, so spray insect repellent when going outdoors.”

Crank the A/C.

Allow us to clarify. You don’t necessarily want to “crank” the A/C in your home during the summertime. Be mindful that keeping your elderly loved one cold is not a good idea either. However, don’t skimp on your energy bill on particularly hot days. If you’re staying indoors during the warmer days of the upcoming summer season, you’ll want to ensure the seniors in your home are comfortable.

“Keep the house as cool as possible by keeping shades closed during the hottest part of the day and using inexpensive solar curtains,” advises

Take cool showers.

In many cases, seniors shy away from the shower. For some, the requirement of assistance with bathing causes worry, embarrassment and sadness. For others, a battle with dementia causes them to forget to bathe on a regular basis. Encourage your elderly loved one to cool down by taking a shower or bath without the excess heat we all generally use.

“Take tepid (not too cold or too hot) showers, baths, or sponge baths when you’re feeling warm,” suggests, “Don’t have the time?  Then wet washcloths or towels with cool water and put them on your wrists, ankles, armpits, and neck.”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we care about the health and safety of the seniors in your life. We’d be happy to discuss our various products that can help your elderly loved ones stay healthy and safe all year round. We always ensure that you have the complete picture to make an informed decision. You’ll know all of the possible options so you can choose which solution is best for you.

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