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Enjoying Canada Day Celebrations With Your Elderly Loved One

Happy Canada Day everyone! On behalf of the entire Advantage Home Health Solutions team, we hope you thoroughly enjoy Canada’s 153rd birthday tomorrow! Will you be celebrating with your elderly loved one? Not sure how to enjoy the day in a safe and relaxing way? Read on!

Introduce your elderly loved one to some Canadian talent.

Sometimes we forget just how much talent emanates from Canada, don’t we? Incredible Hollywood superstars like Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Seth Rogan, Rachel McAdams, Keanu Reeves, Michael Cera, Will Arnett and Ryan Gosling are all Canadians! The list goes on and on. The music world is just as stacked. Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Anne Murray, Shania Twain, The Weeknd, Drake etc. Introduce the senior in your life to some entertainment brought to you by a fellow Canuck!

“Take some time to reconnect with some Canadian authors and artists,” suggests Senior Helpers Canada president, Tennille Kerrigan, “Sit down with your loved one and read a good book written by a Canadian…Play some Canadian music! Bring over some of your favourite Canadian records. Make a playlist to share some old classics your loved one might enjoy.”

Watch a fireworks display.

Is there any way to celebrate Canada Day without taking in some fireworks? As long as the loud sounds and bright lights don’t negatively impact your elderly loved one, take him/her to a local fireworks display. As Trillium Boutique Senior Living reminds us, watching fireworks is another great tradition.

“If you go to watch live fireworks, be sure to bring a chair so your loved one can enjoy the display more comfortably,” advises their website, “If mobility or transportation is an issue, don’t worry! You can watch fireworks shows broadcasted live on local TV channels or live streamed from the internet, enabling you and your loved one to celebrate from the comfort of your home or from a senior living community.”

Explore areas you’ve not yet visited.

Canada is a huge country. In fact, our nation is the second largest land mass on Earth, after Russia! We’re guessing there are areas of your own city you have yet to explore. Why not go out and discover them on Canada Day? As long as a little outdoor exploration isn’t too taxing on your elderly love one, this can be a great way to celebrate Canada Day. Be sure to bring along the mobility solution needed by your elderly loved one.

“Get your loved one outside this Canada Day and enjoy the natural beauty of our home and native land,” recommends Kerrigan, “Take a walk in a local or provincial park…Bring a book or a picnic and sit by the lake with your family. Visit a local landmark. Museums, galleries, and other historical sites are offering special Canada Day events and discounts.”

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