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Choosing The Four-Wheel Walker That’s Right For You

It goes without saying that not everyone who has mobility issues faces the same types of challenges. Everybody is different. And, as a result, everyone deserves a unique and specific solution to his or her disability. As we’ve made mention of in previous blogs, Advantage Home Health Solutions offers a number of scooters, wheelchairs and walkers for those who require some help with travelling independently.

Walkers are especially helpful for those who can still walk, but need some help with staying balanced and stable. Basic walkers have four legs, just like a chair, and are used by those who have the strength to pick the walker up in conjunction with their steps. Two-wheel walkers, as you may have guessed, have two wheels attached to the front legs so that users may place more weight on them. This allows even more ease with movement.

Four-wheel walkers offer the most mobility. We consider them to be the absolute best option for those who like to walk long distances. These great mobility aids are also known as rollators in most areas of the world. But, here in Alberta, we simply call them what they are!

Four-wheel walkers include seats, wheels and brakes. And, as far as we’re concerned, the very best four-wheel walkers in the marketplace are available from Evolution Technologies. Advantage Home Health Solutions is a proud provider of Evolution walkers. They have many to choose from so that, no matter your mobility issues, an ideal solution is available to you.

What types of four-wheel walkers are available to you?

The Xpresso Series includes cable-free brakes, soft waterproof rubber seats and unique folding baskets. They are compact and easy to fold.

The Evolution Series is available in four sizes and are known for providing unmatched stability for users suffering from neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

The Challenger Series is Evolution Technology’s newest and most versatile walker. Available in four models, including the Challenger Mini and the Challenger Grande, they each have 8″ wheels, flexible back support and the ability to support up to 400 lbs.

The Sprite Series is the most economic choice in the Evolution product line without any compromise of quality and reliability, says Evolution’s website. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Piper Series is a top-seller known for being the strongest aluminum walker in the market today. Available in four sizes, it is designed for those who need lightweight, yet solid and stable platforms.

How do you know which four-wheel walker is the right one for you?

When choosing a four-wheel walker, it’s best to focus on three important factors: the seat, the width and the weight. How important is it to you to have a seat? You’ll want to consider the height of the seat, its shape and the material used to construct it. As you can imagine, seats that are padded and contoured are more comfortable than hard plastic ones.

The width of your four-wheel walker is also an important part of your decision. You’ll need to consider the areas of your home that you’ll want to have access to with your walker. It may be a top concern to ensure that it can fit through the door of your bathroom, for example. Finally, the weight of your four-wheel walker must also be considered. You’ll want to take into consideration the walker’s weight capacity and the weight of the walker itself. This is especially important if it will need to be regularly lifted into a car trunk or up flights of steps.

If you have any questions about the four-wheel walkers that Advantage Home Health Solutions has to offer courtesy of Evolution Technologies, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact Page!

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