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Can Incontinence Impact Young People?

Generally, when we think of incontinence, we conjure up images of older adults who are unable to control their bladders. And while it is true that many seniors contend with incontinence, it is not a condition that is exclusive to the older population.

It is possible for people as young as teenagers to have urinary incontinence.

According to Incontinence UK, “3 percent of 15-16-year-olds experience regular daytime wetting. Another longitudinal study of children with constipation showed that one-third of children followed up beyond puberty, continued to have the condition.” As you can imagine, a young person who battles with incontinence can endure severe emotional trauma due to the impact on their social lives.

On, Marelize Wilke explains that there are several reasons why teenagers may experience incontinence. Among them are fluctuations in hormone levels, conditions that can cause nerve damage (like multiple sclerosis or diabetes), bladder infections and high-impact sports injuries. Such injuries can result in damage to the pelvic muscles over time.

The pandemic has worsened battles with incontinence.

The Canadian Continence Foundation reports that the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closing of countless public toilets last year. Because these always-necessary washrooms were made off limits, it created rising fears in people with incontinence.

On their website, the Canadian Continence Foundation acknowledges that even in our pre-pandemic world, many people with incontinence lived with fears of public accidents. This caused them to limit themselves or even refrain from gathering with others in social settings. However, with lockdowns imposed, incontinence sufferers feel even more isolated. It’s also important to note that a lack of bathroom access can lead to other health issues.

“Not having bathroom access could lead to stretching the bladder muscle (overdistention) resulting in decreased bladder sensation, long-term health effects like kidney disease and kidney stones,” reports the Canadian Continence Foundation, “Industry has reported an increasing demand for incontinence products, which likely reflects an increase in incontinence episodes, which could result in deterioration of quality of life and increased risk of skin lesions secondary to incontinence.”

The Canadian Continence Foundation reveals that they have received multiple calls.

They come from individuals and news-outlets decrying toilet closures. They often want information about what can be done. “We believe access to toilets is a human right and as such call upon all levels of government and private establishments to unlock their toilets and give the public access,” states the Foundation’s website.

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