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4 Signs It’s Time To Install A Porch Lift

With summer less than a month away from getting started, you may be thinking it’s time to take your elderly loved one outdoors more often. We’d agree with you! Fresh air, warmth, sunshine – these are all amazing facets of the summertime that no older adult should miss because of his/her mobility issues. However, when venturing outside, it’s a must that safety precautions are taken.

Here are three signs it’s time to install a porch lift:

1. The stairs are too physically challenging for the senior in your home.

Take note of how long it takes for your elderly loved one to climb up and down the stairs. Does he/she stop to catch his/her breath? Do you notice that once the stairs have been climbed, your older adult needs to sit down before engaging in any other activity? If walking up and down stairs is too taxing for the senior in your home, a porch lift is an ideal solution.

2. Only the inside of your home has been safeguarded for its older adult.

Perhaps you’ve already remodelled the inside of your home and don’t wish to make any further changes. If the inside of your home can accommodate the needs of the person with mobility issues who lives within it – great! What about the outside? It’s only right that your older adult have the ability to leave the home and re-enter it without any concerns about his/her well-being. A porch lift can provide peace of mind to the entire family.

3. Your elderly loved one prefers to maintain his/her independence.

Who wouldn’t? In fact, a loss of independence generally tops the lists of all senior citizens’ biggest pet peeves about getting older. If your elderly loved one would much prefer to do things on his/her own, a porch lift will provide him/her with that sense of independence. This is because it can be operated by a single person.

Porch lifts do not require their users to be dependent on caregivers. As long as users have the ability to hold down buttons, they can operate their porch lifts and come and go as they please from their homes.

4. The senior in your home spends too much time indoors.

Perhaps you live with a senior who much prefers to stay at home. Have you investigated why he/she doesn’t like to leave the house? In many cases, it’s fear. A fear of falling and getting hurt is commonplace in the mind of a senior citizen who battles with mobility issues. A porch lift is an ideal choice for those who fear falling down the stairs.

Porch lifts are best suited for people who are confided to wheelchairs, and want to enjoy life with their family and community members. With porch lifts, individuals can access difficult areas with their rollators, wheelchairs or scooters. Advantage Home Health Solutions can help determine the right accessibility solution for your unique needs. Never miss an appointment, family function or a day with friends because of accessibility issues.

For more information about the porch lifts by Advantage Home Health Solutions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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