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3 Summer-Based Activities That Are Both Fun And Safe For Seniors

Summer officially gets underway on Sunday, June 20th! Yes, we realize that the date is still several weeks away. However, that’s no reason to not prepare for what many consider the greatest season of them all. The seniors in your life, believe it or not, can especially make the most of out of summer. That is, of course, if you prepare them to enjoy activities that are both fun and safe.

Here are three:

1. Set up a picnic.

We’ve all had just enough of social distancing, haven’t we? Of course, with the pandemic still raging on, it’s vital that we continue to practice COVID-19 protocol. With that said, there’s no reason to not find a nice and quiet location in a local park where you and your elderly loved one can enjoy a nice picnic. Not only is the fresh air and vitamin D from the sun good for the both of you, the picnic will be a fun activity that can create many memories.

“Enjoy fresh air and take in all that nature offers with a picnic,” encourages Bethesda Health Group in St. Louis, Missouri, “This summer activity is a great way for seniors to spend an afternoon with family and friends.  Just remember to pick an area with comfortable seating and shade. If your loved one’s mobility is limited, consider bringing the picnic to her or him – a patio, deck or courtyard are great alternative picnic spots.”

2. Develop your green thumb.

Is the senior in your life a fan of gardening? If so, get the garden fired up again and encourage him/her to tend to it throughout the warm and sunny months. Gardening is a light activity that helps your elderly loved one to get that much needed vitamin D from the sun while also engaging in a fruitful task (pun intended).

“Plant vegetables or flowers in raised flowerbeds or pots,” suggests New Jersey’s Unity Healthcare, “Adapt or purchase tools that will make working in the garden easier.  Even seniors with limited mobility may be able to participate at some level, especially with assistance.”

3. Play some games in the sunshine.

It’s vitally important that the older adult in your life not overheat. Wearing wide-brimmed hats will help to protect him/her from sunburn. As well, drinking plenty of water will help to deter hydration. With that said, no one should shy away from the sun altogether. Enjoying the great outdoors can be maximized when you and the senior in your life engage in some fun outdoor games.

“Low-impact sports, such as horseshoes, miniature golf, bocce ball, bean bags, badminton and croquet are great outdoor activities for seniors who are able to play to enjoy,” says Bethesda Health Group, “Participants can play at their own pace, and these activities are good exercising for a senior’s body – and their mind.”

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