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3 Steps To Ensuring Year-Round Health And Safety For Seniors

We don’t need the coronavirus to remind us that it’s important to take the health and safety of our elderly loved ones seriously all year round. So what steps should be taken to ensure year-round health and safety for seniors?

1. Eliminate all tripping hazards from the home.

Older adults aren’t as stable on their feet as their younger counterparts. To prevent slips and falls, it’s important to push furniture up against the walls, tuck away loose cables and wires and do away with throw rugs. As Senior.One founder and CEO, Evan Thompson reminds on, falls account for a quarter of all hospital admissions and 40 percent of all nursing home admissions.

He goes to recommend a spring cleaning in your home by way of de-cluttering. It’s a safety measure that will help to eliminate tripping hazards. “Keeping the surrounding clean and tidy is the easiest way to prevent slip and falls,” writes Thompson, “Avoid leaving items on the staircase, passage or floor. Keep these areas clean.”

2. Lead a physically active lifestyle.

No one is suggesting that seniors need to hit the gym on a daily basis. Heavy weightlifting isn’t called for in order to stay fit in our advanced years. Instead, older adults are encouraged to stay physically active with light exercise. Doing so, says Jennifer Wegerer on, will help to alleviate depression while improving energy and memory.

“An exercise program approved by a physician, long walks or short strolls can keep seniors healthier longer,” she affirms, “With their health under control, seniors can do more and stay active, which is important to their overall well-being. Happy, healthy seniors can still present a lot of care challenges, but they can also contribute more to their health, which can give caregivers a little less to worry about.”

3. Safeguard the bathroom.

As we all know, the bathroom is a place in the home where many accidents happen. The slick surfaces combined with the presence of water make slipping and falling practically inevitable. This is especially true for older adults who have issues with mobility and balance. One of the most important safety measures you can take is to install grab bars and handrails in your bathroom.

“Safety devices such as grab bars and handrails make it easier for the elderly to move around in the different sections of the house,” says Thompson, “Provide a handrail along staircases passages, hallways, and even bedroom walls, and grab bars in the bathroom and toilet. You may also need to consider replacing entrance steps with a ramp, especially if the elder is wheelchair bound.”

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