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3 Bathroom Safety Measures That Help Seniors Take Carefree Showers

With the summer season officially underway, one could argue that showering will have to increase. After all, warm weather makes us sweaty and sweat makes us stinky, right? Well, for seniors, the idea of showering more often isn’t a welcome one. For many older adults shower time can be a scary experience.

Here are three bathroom safety measures that help seniors take carefree showers:

1. Placing a tub mat in the bathtub.

“Emergency rooms report an estimated 235,000 number of bathroom falls with injuries each year,” explains In Home Care, “Seniors account for approximately 81% of these falls.” There’s no question that preventing falls in the bathroom is of major importance when you live with a senior citizen. Take away the slippery nature of your bathtub floor by placing a tub mat inside of it.

“Self-stick rubber adhesive-strips may be applied to the tub and shower floor surfaces,” recommends In Home Care, “Some of the impressive best showers for elderly users have textured bottom/floor surfaces already built right into the design for added convenience and safety. These are terrific for kids use as well.”

2. Utilizing a bath chair in the shower.

One of the most obvious ways to prevent a fall in the shower is to not have its user stand up. If your elderly loved one suffers from limited mobility and/or poor balance, be sure to place a bath chair in the bathtub. That way, he/she can sit down while taking a shower. Naturally, this will significantly reduce, if not, eliminate the chance of slipping and falling.

“Plastic shower stools or tub seats are easy to utilize and easily found,” notes Joy Intriago on, “They are an economical way to make bathing safer for an elderly person who may tire easily or have balance and mobility challenges. Make sure the seats have rubber non-slip bottoms. They also help in the event that assistance becomes necessary in the future as aging progresses.”

3. Installing grab bars in the bathroom.

We find it difficult to list any bathroom safety tips without mentioning grab bars. This wouldn’t be our first time and it certainly won’t be our last! Grab bars and towel racks are not created equal. While the latter can support the weight of your average towel, it cannot support the weight of a person. Grab bars, on the other hand, are sturdy solutions to any balance problems. Installing them beside toilets and inside showers will help to keep the senior in your life upright in the bathroom.

“Hand rails next to the toilet and the tub give your elderly loved one something to hold on to while sitting or getting up or while stepping out of the bath and shower,” informs writes Michael Watson of Caring Senior Service, “Since this is a prime time when we are off-balance, having a grab bar can provide a steadying option to help avoid a fall.”

Bath chairs and grab bars are just two of the many bath safety products offered by Advantage Home Health Solutions. To learn more about them, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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