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How To Restore Stair Safety In Your Home

The vast majority of us use the stairs every day. We practically take for granted that, at some point, we will either be ascending or descending a flight of stairs. It’s no big deal, right? Well, in fact, it is. Quite simply, stairs can be dangerous. And it’s important for us all to take measures to keep ourselves safe when either climbing up or down steps.

“Stairs of all types have been used since ancient times, and because they are inherently hazardous, people have been falling on them, getting hurt or even killed in the process,” explains the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, “The vast majority of stairway falls result from a loss of balance, just as falls are on the level.”

Stair safety is especially important for seniors.

It’s important for us all to practice certain safety precautions like holding on to the handrail when using the stairs. But for seniors – especially those with mobility issues – climbs up or down the stairs can be harrowing experiences. It’s vital that they take extra special care not to trip on anything or to lose their balance at any time.

“Recent statistics have indicated that many seniors who sustain injuries or experience a fall often do so while in the comfort of their residences, the majority of whom are already using wheelchairs to move around,” reveals AgingInPlace.org, “Such a situation can cause you to let your guard down since it happens right in your home, which you regard as a safe haven.”

A stair lift is an excellent safety solution.

For maximum safety, a stair lift is your best bet. Simply put, a stair lift can eliminate the risk of slipping and falling altogether. These motorized chairs make it safe and easy to access multiple floors in your home, completely eliminating the need to deal with steps. Stair lifts can be made to work with straight or curved staircases and can be adapted to suit your specific needs so you can continue your daily living routine and stay in your home longer.

A stair lift “will help to keep you safe as you move around and it eliminates the risk of tripping on an item, slipping, suddenly becoming dizzy, or tired, as well as that of missing a step,” explains AgingInPlace.org, “All you have to do when you want to move to a different floor is activate the lift to come to your current location, get in, buckle up, and in a few seconds, you are on your way up.”

Stair lifts come with numerous safety features.

They include speed governors which limit the speed of the stair lifts to keep users safely in their seats, obstruction sensors which stop the chairs if there are obstacles in the way and, of course, seat belts which keep users from slipping and sliding in their seats. Stair lifts also come with constant pressure controls which give users the power to stop and start the lifts as they please.

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