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3 Reasons Why A Stair Lift Is A Sound Investment

What are we supposed to do to ensure that the seniors in our lives don’t trip and fall while walking up and down the stairs? Well, as we’re sure you’re well aware, there is a solution. Installing a stair lift means no more walking up and down stairs. And that means no chance of slipping and falling!

Here are three reasons why a stair lift is a sound investment:

1. A stair lift offers great long-term value.

When you do the math, a stair lift will actually come out to be the smartest economic choice for your family. When you consider the mounting bills that come as a result of having to hire a caregiver or placing your elderly loved one in a retirement home, the cost of a stair lift is incredibly affordable.

As Spain’s Astar Components & Lifts points out, “most households do not have the amount of money needed to install an elevator in their home or do work for a room. And as an alternative, they cannot hire a specialist person to help the member with reduced mobility. For this reason, this mechanism becomes the most affordable option since, although at the beginning an investment has to be made, the durability of this device will end up amortizing this investment excessively.”

2. A stair lift helps to restore your elderly loved one’s independence.

Over the past few weeks, we have dedicated some blogs to the concept of independence restoration. It bears repeating that, as we age, we don’t just lose strength, balance and mobility. We also struggle with our self-confidence when such physical limitations are apparent. By installing a stair lift in your home, you’ll give back to your elderly loved one the autonomy that he/she once lost.

“A quality stair lift makes getting around your home a breeze and allows you to maintain your independence,” says Mallory Hall of Stairlift Company Reviews, When mobility becomes too painful, people often have to rely on friends, family members, or other caregivers to help them to negotiate the stairs. This can often feel tremendously frustrating for those who had previously thrived on independence.”

3. A stair lift is not a major renovation.

In many cases, people living with seniors have to change their homes to meet the specific needs of their older family members. Bathrooms, for example, often have to have their doorways widened in order to accommodate wheelchair users. Such renovations, you won’t be surprised to hear, are expensive. Not to mention, renovations are usually considered quite disruptive to the regular flow of life in the home.

“Another solution that many families choose is to adapt one of the rooms on the lower floor of the home to make a bedroom,” notes Astar, “However, this solution is not the most appropriate. On the one hand, not only will change the routine of the affected person but also change the rest of the household members. In addition, this will greatly reduce the intimacy of the affected or affected, since there will always be someone near your room, which is not in good taste if you want to rest or if you just want to be alone for a while.”

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