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When Is A Scooter An Ideal Mobility Solution?

Not everyone who has a mobility issue is incapable of walking. In some cases, a mobility issue may only entail difficulty walking for long distances. As a result, a wheelchair isn’t particularly necessary. But, in its place, a scooter makes a fine mobility solution. Scooters are excellent for helping individuals who may struggle with traveling long distances on foot. Take, for example, a trip to the mall or the grocery store. Scooters have proven to be perfect for such journeys.

What are the main benefits of selecting a scooter as your mobility solution?

It helps to prevent falls. Falls top the list as the biggest danger for those who have mobility issues. Preventing falls, therefore, becomes a top priority. This is especially true for our elderly loved ones as falls can result in injuries as minor as bruising but as major as broken bones. Even worse, falls can cause injuries to the head and neck that could potentially be fatal. In a scooter, one can move around without the risk of falling.

It provides you with independence. It’s important to remember that elderly individuals and other loved ones with mobility issues aren’t particularly fond of their disabilities. This isn’t just because of the physical hardships placed on themselves, but the burdens they often feel they are placing on their caregivers. Scooters help for people to move around on their own and without the aid of caregivers. This gives them much greater senses of being independent.

It provides ease with shopping. As mentioned earlier, scooters are ideal for those who enjoy travelling to the mall or the grocery store without forcing a companion to come along. Unlike wheelchairs, many scooters are equipped with baskets that can hold items that are purchased at the store.

It allows for rest that can speed up healing. For those who are recovering from illnesses and injuries, a scooter allows for greater rest. A person can travel from one location to another with minimal effort. Overexertion isn’t necessary when you’re not required to wheel yourself around in your wheelchair. This helps for someone who may have recently had surgery to get the rest necessary to heal quicker.

How do you know you’ve selected the right scooter for you?

It will be comfortable. Ensuring that your scooter is the right fit for you is of paramount importance. Ensure that the height of the scooter and its seat are comfortable for you. Ideally, you’ll want to ensure that while seated, the back support is straight and your knees are bent at 90 degrees. This will prevent bad posture that can foster soreness, stiffness and/or chronic pain.

It will be appropriate for the places you’re most likely to travel. Do you plan on using your scooter indoors? Will you need it for rugged terrain or mainly smooth surfaces? Answering these questions will help you to determine the scooter that’s right for you. There are different types of scooters available for different purposes. At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we offer three types.

What types of scooters are available?

Portable mobility scooters are best for those who plan on doing a lot of travelling and know that they’ll need to pack up and unpack items from their scooters on a regular basis. Three-wheel scooters offer the best options for tight turns while four-wheel scooters provide better stability. They are generally recommended for those who will be sticking to outdoor use.

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