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What Are The Best Ways To Help Seniors Restore Their Independence?

When you speak to most seniors about their major concerns, you’ll find that most of them share the same sentiments. Losing independence is one of the hardest things for older adults to deal with. Aches and pains are expected. And some mobility issues are generally considered par for the course when approaching your later years of life.

However, regardless of your age, it’s hard to accept losing your independence. So what are the best ways to help seniors to restore their independence?

Help them find exercise partners.

One of the best ways to help restore the independence of an elderly person is to have him/her regularly communicate with other elderly people. Socializing with other seniors on a consistent basis is a great way to feel free of the need to get help from younger people. In addition to social interactions, exercise can work wonders. According to Neecey on, exercise is the “Holy Grail” of staying independent.

“Encouraging, arranging or volunteering to be a walking, tennis or yoga partner will help the senior person in your life stay active, healthy and keep their independent streak alive and well,” she writes, “Even if it’s just walking for half an hour together three times a week, playing golf or bowls – make sure they have a partner to join them.”

De-clutter your home.

Get rid of things you don’t need. While this may be easier said than done, just consider how important it is to have a home free of clutter when a senior citizen is living within it. It’s no secret that slips and falls are the most common causes of injury among the elderly. By taking a minimalistic approach to your living situation, you’ll ensure much fewer opportunities for your elderly loved one to slip and fall on something in your home.

“This is the perfect time to go through the house and downsize, getting rid of anything that it no longer used,” writes Lisa McLeod-Lofquist on, “In the long run, this will save everyone time down the road. It can be challenging when a loved one’s belongings carry sentimental value. Don’t force the issue. The idea is to assist your loved one in removing clutter, not insist they get rid of all but the barest material possessions.”

Connect them with other seniors to talk to.

There’s nothing like conversing with and getting to know a fellow individual who is in the same shoes as you are. The more you’re able to help your elderly loved one make new friends, the better he/she will feel about his/her mobility issues.

“They really need to get rid of that old saying ‘you can’t teach old dog new tricks’,” insists Russell Simpkins of Forward Day, “In our later years, there is still plenty for us to learn by getting to know new people. Making new friends is a great way to battle the stress that is induced by loneliness and the feeling that you can’t do things for yourself.”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we’re big on helping seniors find ways to restore their independence. As a result, we offer a wide array of mobility solutions which help them to overcome the limitations created by their mobility issues.

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