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What Are The Advantages Of Installing A Wheelchair Ramp Outside Your Home?

Do you live with an elderly loved one? Does a member of your household have a mobility issue? If so, you’re likely no stranger to such mobility solutions as walkers, rollators and wheelchairs. Naturally, these solutions are designed to restore the independence of individuals who need assistance getting around. But sometimes, those mobility solutions can present some limitations.

Getting up and down a flight of stairs is the perfect example. This is why for users of wheelchairs and other mobility solutions, wheelchair ramps are necessities. Is installing a wheelchair ramp outside of your home in order? As you may imagine, it can make the life of your elderly loved one or family member with mobility issues a lot easier.

Wheelchair ramps provide easy access to and from your home.

With a ramp installed outside of your home, you take away the barrier that is the flight of steps leading up to the front door. As explains, wheelchair ramps increase mobility by enabling seniors and those with disabilities comfortable and safe paths with which they can exit and enter their homes.

“This is the major benefit as ramps help elderly and disabled people enter and leave their residences comfortably,” says the website, “These wheelchair ramps can minimize the risk of injuries or accidents during trips to and from grocery stores, medical facilities and other places users frequent. Older adults who are living alone or with their family members / caregivers will find these wheelchair ramps a real boon.”

Wheelchair ramps can be easily installed.

We know what you’re likely thinking. The installation of a wheelchair ramp is a huge undertaking. It likely takes days, if not weeks, to put up and causes quite a commotion outside of the home which is bound to irritate the neighbours. Rest assured that this just isn’t so. As informs us, the installation of a wheelchair ramp is a lot easier than you may think.

According to the site, “portable wheelchair ramps can be separated into two lightweight sections each with their own carrying handle, making it easier to carry, store and install them anywhere in your home in keeping with changing mobility needs and lifestyles.”

Introducing the QRamp™!

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we’re proud to offer the revolutionary QRamp™. It’s a modular access ramp solution that is designed to be easily installed. This model takes the guess work out of planning a ramp by having only five main modules with which to configure. All modules come as complete assembled units that are configured together on the job site with a level and a couple of Allen wrenches.

Among the great features of this wheelchair ramp is the ThruFlow™ panel running surface which exceeds ADA specifications. The non-slip surface ensures both quiet use and durability to withstand heavy weight. As well, it allows snow, rain and debris to pass right through it so that it requires a lot less maintenance than other ramp models.

For more information about the QRamp™, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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