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The Importance Of Bed Rails For Preventing Falls

Falls are among the biggest concerns for our elderly loved ones and those with mobility issues. And falls should not be underestimated. Even the most innocent of stumbles can result in very serious injuries. They become especially dangerous the older we get, as our advanced ages make us more susceptible to debilitating physical damage. As well, falls happen more often than you may think. So precautions are always necessary.

How common are falls with our elderly?

“Falls are the most common cause of injury among older Canadians,” explains Statistics Canada, “Every year, it is estimated 1 in 3 seniors aged 65 years and older are likely to fall at least once…Each year, hospitalizations due to falls account for approximately 85% of injury related hospitalizations for seniors. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, over one-third of seniors who are hospitalized as a result of a fall are placed in long-term care.”

Because of the physical limitations that are placed on us when we’re older, daily activities become more difficult to complete. As our bones become brittle and our muscles weaken, the simple acts of walking, sitting and getting in and out of bed become more taxing. And while there are mobility solutions available for us while we’re awake (walkers, wheelchairs, scooters), the potential for falls continue when we’re asleep.

How can you prevent falls during sleep?

Bed rails become such important parts of our lives in our later years. Attaching bed rails to the bed of an elderly loved one who is at risk of falling out of bed is an excellent safety measure. They don’t just prevent falls that may occur during sleep, but they also assist individuals who have mobility issues with getting in and out of bed. And this can help to ward off serious injury.

“The consequences of falls later in life can be serious, resulting in hospitalizations, reduced quality of life, chronic pain, injuries such as hip fractures, and increased risk of death,” notes Statistics Canada. They also point out, however, that it’s important to not overestimate the risk of falling. In other words, the thought that one must reduce his/her physical activity in order to prevent falls may inhibit progress in regaining strength and mobility.

Of course, the risk of falling shouldn’t be underestimated either. At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we highly recommend checking in with the doctor of your elderly loved one to confirm which physical activities are safe and which ones should be avoided. Sleep, however, is both unavoidable and necessary. We all know that. So keeping our loved ones safe while they’re in bed should be a paramount concern. And bed rails make for the perfect solutions.

Advantage Home Health Solutions offers a number of accessibility features for both the bathroom and the bedroom. In addition to bed rails, we also provide M-rails, super poles, grab bars and ceiling lifts as mobility solutions for the elderly. Click HERE to learn more or, better yet, contact us directly.

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