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Holiday Shopping For The Elderly Made Easy

For most Canadians, holiday shopping can be a difficult undertaking. Knowing exactly what to purchase for each loved one takes a lot of care and consideration. This is especially true when coming up with ideas for elderly loved ones. What could they possibly want? What could they possibly need? When you think about it, there are plenty of possibilities!

In this week’s blog, the Advantage Home Health Solutions team would like to offer up a few ideas to help your holiday shopping for the elderly to be a lot easier

Memory boxes.

Arguably, this gift can be described as the most thoughtful one you can give. Because it requires some thought and effort on your behalf, a memory box is an incredibly personal gift. Compile old photos, keepsakes and other items in a box to help your elderly loved one take a heart-warming trip down memory lane. As Angel Ridout explains on, a memory box is an especially ideal gift for a person with Alzheimer’s.

“Photos are very helpful for those with dementia, and memory boxes take it a step further by adding mementos and items that can be handled,” writes Ridout, “Texture and scent are important factors in memory recall. The smell and feel of a pine cone can bring back memories of childhood camping trips or Christmas trees, a ball of yarn the memory of knitting baby shoes and the smell of leather could remind a senior of his first baseball glove.”

Mobile devices.

Who says members of our older generation can’t enjoy gadgets made for our younger generation? In many cases, a senior’s biggest wish is to keep in touch with his/her family. With a smartphone or an iPad, he/she can do just that. With the help of such apps and features as FaceTime, WhatApp or Skype, an elderly person can make videos calls to his/her loved ones and have conversations face to face.

“I gave my parents iPads a couple of years ago and they enjoy browsing Facebook, playing games and reading on the Kindle app,” reveals Ridout, “At this point I think Mom has more games and apps on her iPad than I do. Just because your parents are seniors doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy technology.”

Grab bars.

Is there anything more important than keeping your elderly loved one safe? Especially in the bathroom, where surfaces are slippery, it’s wise to install grab bars to ensure your older family member has something to hold on to. Offering support via grab bars is an excellent way to prevent slips and falls that could lead to serious injuries.

“For seniors who have difficulty bending or limited mobility due to an injury, the bathroom is probably the most dangerous room of the house,” reports, “Bathroom accessories, like bathtub grips, can provide a sense of security when using the shower and would be really appreciated. Make sure to offer to help install these handles for them.”

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