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4 Reasons Seniors Should Exercise Regularly

Don’t assume that older adults have no interest in signing up for gym memberships. Hoisting heavy barbells and sprinting on treadmills may not be recommended for most seniors. However, getting in regular exercise is a good idea for people of all ages. No matter your age, working out is necessary. In fact, light exercise has numerous benefits for seniors.

Here are four reasons seniors should exercise regularly:

1. It will help them to recover from illness quicker.

We’re all aware that older adults are more susceptible to injury and illness than the rest of us. But it’s important to note that medication isn’t the only way to keep ailments at bay. Exercise promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. With strengthened immune systems, seniors can live fully-functioning, active lives.

“A healthy, strong body fights off infection and disease more easily and more quickly,” informs Marlo Sollitto of AgingCare, “Rather than sapping energy reserves entirely, recovery from an illness will take less of a toll on the body if the person exercises regularly.”

2. It will help them to maintain their balance.

Fall Prevention Month is winding down to a close. However, that’s no reason to assume that protecting the elderly against slips and falls is no longer a priority. When older adults exercise, they improve their strength and therefore, their balance. This helps to keep them safely upright more often than not.

“When it comes to preventing falls, the importance of exercise for seniors cannot be underestimated,” insists Hearthside Senior Living, “Seniors are more likely to fall and become injured; in particular, broken hips are a common problem for this age group. With regular exercise, however, seniors enjoy better balance and fewer falls. Strength training can also increase bone strength, so that broken bones and fractures are less likely.”

3. It protects them against the most common diseases.

Heart disease and cancer rank as the top two killers of all human beings. Firstly, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet that is rich with fruits and vegetables for nutrients and plenty of water for hydration. However, exercise is just as important for us all to lower our risk of heart disease and cancer.

“Frequent physical activity lowers the risk of heart disease and reduces blood pressure,” reports Sollitto, “Strong lungs and airways and a healthy heart and vascular system allow the body to function properly and more efficiently clear out and destroy any invaders that can make us sick.”

4. It will help them sleep better at night.

Restless nights and frequent visits to the bathroom are among the top night time pet peeves of older adults. Daily exercise is helpful for those who need to get better sleeps at night. As Hearthside Senior Living points out, seniors are more likely to have insomnia and sleep disorders than any other age group.

“Once sleep quality declines, it can impact one’s physical, emotional, and mental health,” their website points out, “By getting regular exercise, seniors can improve the quality and duration of their sleep each night. They can fall asleep faster and awake feeling refreshed.”

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