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3 Simple Spring And Summer Safety Measures For Seniors

It can be argued that we Canadians spend far too long enduring cold temperatures throughout the year. As a result, most Canadians absolutely love basking in the sun when the weather heats up. Yes, we’re very grateful for the warmth and sunshine that spring and summer provide. We don’t take these seasons for granted. However, it’s important to not take our safety for granted either.

This is especially true for our elderly loved ones. In many cases, the heat associated with spring and summer can present some serious health hazards. How can you keep the seniors in your life safe during the warmest months of the year? Here are three simple tips:

1. Never underestimate the power of sunscreen.

Skin care experts recommend the use of sunscreen all year round. They note that, even during the winter, it is necessary to lather up with a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. That way, when the snow bounces the sun’s UV rays around, they will be less impactful when we come into contact with them. Well, when the weather is hot and the sun is bright during the spring and summer, sunscreen is especially needed. And that goes double for seniors!

“Everyone, young and old, should wear sunscreen when outdoors,” states Gillian Kruse on, “The elderly especially need the extra sun protection to help keep them healthy. Caregivers, family and friends can help by gently reminding loved ones about applying sunscreen and helping to put it on when necessary. Hats are also a great idea, especially for those with light coloured hair and those with only distant memories of a full head of hair.”

2. Remember that keeping hydrated is vitally important.

You’re not likely to find a nutritionist, doctor or any other health expert who will deny the health benefits of drinking water. Staying hydrated is incredibly important for good health, but is especially necessary in warmer temperatures. That too, goes double for seniors. As Kruse informs us, it’s wise to always have water readily available for the elderly loved ones in your life.

“Seniors are more susceptible to dehydration than younger people because they lose their ability to conserve water as they age,” she informs, “They also can become less aware of their thirst and have difficulty adjusting to temperature changes. Remember to drink water often, and be sure to pack some for those long summer drives.”

3. Try to keep clear all paths for those with mobility issues.

Enjoying the great outdoors can be tough when the elderly loved one in your life has a mobility issue. Yes, mobility solutions such as walkers, rollators and wheelchairs are excellent for those who need some help getting around. But, it’s also important to ensure that their paths are clear of debris, obstacles and potential tripping hazards.

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we believe that porch lifts offer the perfect solution. They allow individuals with mobility issues, who wish to enter and exit their homes more often during the year’s warmest months, clear and safe paths to doing so. Everyone deserves the freedom of going outside to enjoy the sunshine. If you have stairs leading to your home’s front doors, a porch lift will ensure that anyone with disabilities will be able to enter and exit safely.

For more information about the porch lifts offered by Advantage Home Health Solutions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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