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3 Great Reasons to Have a Stair Lift Installed in Your Home

If your home has someone who requires help with stairs, consider the benefits of having a stair lift system installed.

1. Provide Independence & Hope
“You Deserve Your Independence”, our motto, is the reason we do what we do. You’ll be easily going up and down the stairs without ever having to ask for assistance.

2. Reduce Fear of Falling
Falls are a leading cause of injuries among our elderly. Items left on the stairs can become hazards and even just the act of climbing can lead to slips and falls. With a stair lift installed in your home, fear of falling while climbing stairs is completely eliminated.

3. Avoid Expensive Remodelling
A stair lift is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require extensive renovations to accomplish… and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of your stair lift within hours of our arrival!


Sometimes called a chair lift or stair chair, a stair lift is a safe solution to tackling stairs and can be made to fit straight or curved rail staircases both indoors and outside. They’re quiet, clean, compact and very efficient with a variety of features to fit nearly every situation.

It Pays to Buy Your Stair Lift from a Store Whose Staff Lives and Works in Your Community!

Contact us now for a free no hassle consultation. Since we provide both recycled and new stair lifts, we’ll give you the honest truth about the best solution for you and all the options available to overcome your unique challenges. We work and live in Calgary so you can count on us to be here to assist you long after the sale is done.

Contact Us and Then Re-Introduce Yourself to the Second Floor!







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About Advantage Health

Advantage Home Health Solutions founders – Fran and Phil Hochhausen, have volunteered for many years at a local club and district level of an international service organization with the motto, “Service above Self”.

They wanted to create a business that would take advantage of their volunteer experiences and business skills to help people. With Phil’s knowledge of equipment handling and Fran’s know-how in serving people in the retail sector, they chose to create a business that gives people the opportunity to live safely and independently in their homes.

It is stressful trying to make an informed decision about available products and solutions with little time to do so. Fran and Phil realized the importance of providing timely free-of-charge at-home discussions about choices and options for those searching for mobility and accessibility solutions to ensure a safe, independent situation for themselves or loved ones.


Where We Serve

We serve the Greater Calgary Area – including: Acme, Airdrie, Chestermere, Didbury, High River, Langdon, Okotoks, Olds, Redwood Meadows, Three Hills and Sundre.


Common Stair Lift Questions

How Much Does a Stair Lift Cost?
Straight stair lifts range in price from $3000-$4500 installed, depending on the model and options chosen. Recycled stair lifts can be 25% less than this. Curved stair lifts are custom-crafted to the exact angles of your steps for an extraordinarily smooth ride from start to finish. Curved stair chairs start at $10,000 installed and can increase depending on additional options, stairway configuration and total length.

Are There Stair Lift Financing Options?
While a stair lift is not covered under insurance, Advantage Home Health Solutions does offer a stair lift rental program to assist those who have short-term requirements. There are also government funding options you may qualify for that we’ll be happy to show you.

How Do I Know Which Stair Lift is the Best Choice?
Advantage Home Health Solutions will visit your home to assess your unique situation and discuss your needs and concerns. Based on that information, we’ll explain which stairlift options will give you the best benefit.  We provide several options for straight and curved stair lifts both indoors and outside and we’ll ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision that you’ll feel comfortable with.

Is There a Warranty on Stair Lifts?
New stair lifts have varying warranties and we’ll be happy to go over those details on the stair lift system you are interested in. Advantage Home Health Solutions offers a 90 day warranty on recycled (used) stair lifts.There may also be warranty remaining from when the stair lift was first installed. Whether new or recycled, Advantage offers a 1-year service labour warranty on all stair lift installations.

Can I Install the Stair Lift Myself?
Stairlifts help keep you safe, and for that reason Advantage Home Health Solutions and our manufacturers discourage stair lift self-installations. Furthermore, warranties are no longer valid if not installed by a qualified technician. Our quoted prices include installation and our technicians are factory-trained and experienced to ensure the stair lift is installed properly and safely. The average straight stairlift installation takes less than 3 hours so you’ll be enjoying it in short order.

Is a Stair Lift a Permanent Fixture?
Stair lifts are installed onto the stair treads of your steps, not the walls, so there is no structural modification needed.They are easily removed when selling your home or moving. If you no longer require your stair lift, Advantage Home Health Solutions will buy back your stair lift depending on age and condition.

Are There Special Power Requirements?
Stair lifts are battery operated and only require a standard 110v wall outlet to charge the batteries (2 x 12v). Since your stair lift is battery operated, it will still work in the event of a power outage.

What is the Stair Lift Weight Capacity?
There are a variety of choices to accommodate 300lbs to 600lbs. We’ll explain the different stair lift models and options during our free consultation.


We always ensure you have the complete picture to make an informed decision. You'll know the possible options so you can choose which solution is best for you.

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Our Google Reviews

Advantage home health solutions is amazing very professional and the owner Phil was instrumental in making our experience installing a chair life a very positive one. Excellent customer service. We also purchased a power chair and the service was exceptional. Highly recommend. I inadvertently left out how important the tech staff were in the installation and operation of our three floor curved chair lift. They were wonderful also Stephanie who helped us with our purchase of the travel buggy chair for my husband. Very knowledgable and helpful.
Jackie Pascal
Jackie Pascal
Quick and accurate work at a very fair price.
Marie White
Marie White
Advantage Home Health Solutions is a senior's delight. i am so happy with the service i got. i called them for a ramp to get me out of the house and they had one in 2 days later. it is perfect and the service has been excellent and at a sensible price as well. i recommend them to anyone out there looking for good, caring service.
Lorna Horzempa
Lorna Horzempa
I would highly recommend this company. They have installed two custom lifts in the house, always provided a super product and we’re always on time. If we ever had a problem it was just a quick call and they were here. These are the go to guys.
Chris George
Chris George
Thank you Stephanie & staff for taking such good care of Mr. B and I. We were greeted immediately when we entered the store. We went to a bigger & well known place and after 45 minutes we left with no staff interaction. I even stood near the desk for 10 minutes, no one approached me. Luckily we went to Advantage Home Health Solutions. The personal service was wonderful. Stephanie and another helper were so helpful. There was absolutely no pressure. We took our time and Stephanie told us not to rush. They told us they had plenty of time because this was a big decision. They explained and showed us how everything worked on the chair. FYI…. A Travel Buggy is an foldable power chair. The Vista Travel Buggy fits in the trunk of our car and is accepted on airplanes ✈️ Advantage gave us an informative pamphlet that we took home. Had to deal with our insurance company to see if the Travel Buggy would be subsidized with our insurance plan. Three months later we were back in the store and Stephanie showed us again how everything worked before we took our Travel Buggy home. You will pleased with Advantage Home Health Solutions hands down. The store may be smaller but the price is still the same as the bigger stores. Stephanie thank you again for helping us with this major decision and making the experience so pleasant. P.S. Parking is conveniently right outside the door. Handicapped parking is at the back of the store. Sincerely Mrs. & Mr. B
Dennis Blanchard
Dennis Blanchard
Crew just delivered my queen medical bed very professional and accomidating crew of men
Bryon Duby
Bryon Duby
This review is long overdue. My mother’s walker was damaged on her flight to Calgary and we needed to replace it. We called late n the day last year, on Thursday, June 30, the day before Canada Day and a holiday weekend. Phil came into the store early Saturday morning when the store was closed so that my mother would have a working walket and would be mobile. Excellent quality walket/Rollator, and service that I know I never expected or experienced before. Thank you! I can’t praise Phil and Advantage Home Health Solutions enough.
Alice Baum
Alice Baum