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Bariatric Mattress Overlay


Advantage Home Health Solution Genuine EHOB Brand Inflatable Bariatric Mattress Overlay to Prevent Pressure Sores and Ulceration | 800lb limit

Recommended for Hospital, Long Term Care and Home Care. Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Through Stage IV.


The WAFFLE Inflatable Bariatric Mattress Overlay is recommended for patients at home or in a long term care setting. It is designed for individuals up to 800 pounds. All overlays may be used for comfort and treating and preventing pressure ulcers and bed sores. Measurements : 76” x 47” Optional: M.A.D. Hand Pump (sold separately)




WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay – Treats Stage I-IV Pressure Ulcers and Deep Tissue Injury

The WAFFLE® Bariatric Mattress Overlay is designed to be placed on top of a standard hospital bariatric bed or a full-size bed in the home. The air overlay cradles the body, providing protection and treatment for pressure ulcers. And it is also recommended for pain management. The Bariatric Overlay is easy to transport, cleans with soap and water and is extremely comfortable. This product features air vents to dissipate heat and moisture, and a low profile design for greater stability and patient safety.

  • COMFORT: EHOB WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay provides comfortable, stress free bedding with a supportive layer of air that helps to eliminate pressure points and distribute weight. The circular shaped holes ensure body weight is evenly distributed and allow heat and moisture to dissipate easily.
  • RELIEVES PRESSURE : EHOB WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay safely and comfortably relieves pressure from compromised muscles due to surgery, injury or laying pressure. Pressure relief is key in preventing pressure ulcers or bed sores. Scientifically designed to ensure air always surrounds the patient’s body and made with Static Air Technology to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & HYGIENIC : Antimicrobial covering which is HYGIENIC and WATER PROOF material ensures anti-spill and makes it simple to clean.
  • EASY TO INFLATE OR DEFLATE : With the M.A.D. pump, (sold separately) inflation is fast and simple, using the guidelines on the mattress and pump. To deflate, simply open the clear valve and press it gently to release the air and roll the pad to eliminate excess air. Overlays contain a second, red valve, for emergency air release for use during CPR situations to quickly release the air. Do not over-inflate.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED : All EHOB Products are backed by manufacturers warranty. We know you’ll love the quality and durability.
  • VERSATILE: The EHOB WAFFLE Overlays are extremely portable and contain numerous hand wells that can be utilized for assisting with patient moves. Used in conjunction with wedges and other WAFFLE inflatable products, they help to maximize comfort while laying in any bed-ridden position. See manufacturers website for details.
  • USES: hospital bed pad, make any bed comfortable, extra bed support, foldable, portable bed cushion, prevention of pressure sores and ulcers, prevention of bed sores, after surgery care, bed sore prevention mattress pads, double size bed mattress overlay.

*NOTE: For the safety of caregiver and patient, TWO or more people should be available to reposition patient when needed.

The WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay contours the body so the patient is “floating,” which means there is improved comfort and redistribution of pressure away from at-risk areas, thereby decreasing risk of pressure injuries or bedsores. Made for single patient use, the WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay is scientifically designed for patient stability and comfort with a unique pattern of air holes which circulate air for temperature and moisture control. It is made from high quality, antimicrobial material which reduces the risk of infections. They are easily cleaned with warm soap and water without reducing the antimicrobial effect. The pads are made with a strong, durable material which is soft and ideal for home use. The overlays are latex free and backed by a one year warranty.

Advantage Home Health Solutions offers the EHOB Brand Bariatric Mattress Overlay either with, or without the M.A.D. Hand Pump

*NOTE: For the safety of caregiver and patient, TWO or more people should be available to reposition patient when needed.

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Weight 11.05 kg
Dimensions 53 × 53 × 9 cm
Pump Choice

With M.A.D. Pump, WITHOUT Pump