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Keeping Seniors Safe On Halloween

Are you all set for Halloween this coming Monday? If you live in a neighbourhood that inhabits a lot of youngsters, you’re bound to welcome numerous trick-or-treaters on the 31st. But does your home inhabit a senior citizen? If so, it will be important to take some extra precautions to ensure a scary scenario doesn’t arise. Naturally, it’s wise to safeguard your home all throughout the year. But what additional measures can you take to keep seniors safe on Halloween?

Keep all visitors outside.

Having your trick-or-treaters remain on your porch is a common practice on Halloween night. However, there those lovers of the occasion who set up indoor haunted adventures and invite guests inside to experience them. If you live with a senior, it would be advisable to refrain from letting anyone in your home. For maximum safety, keep all of your visitors outside. You may even wish to dispense candy from your garage to avoid opening your front door at all.

“Stay inside when passing out candy,” instructs FirstLight Home Care, “Do not invite strangers into your home or allow them to use the restroom or your phone. You can also place a bowl of candy on the front porch rather than handing it out. Include a sign that says: ‘Happy Halloween! One per person, please.’”

Keep the home well-lit.

We know the importance of darkness when trying to cultivate a spooky atmosphere. But with a senior in your home, it’s vital you maintain a well-lit home. Especially for older adults with vision impairments, poor lighting can lead to accidents. At-home care providers, Visiting Angels also points out that leaving the lights on throughout Halloween night can keep troublemakers at bay.

“Our home care safety experts suggest that you leave your lights on through the night — even if you’re not giving out candy,” says their website, “Sure, you might get some children knocking on your door and walking away disappointed. But you’ll also deter potential vandals. Keeping your light on lets mischief-makers know you’re home, making them less likely to target your house.”

Maintain a clear pathway.

The measures you take to protect your loved ones will also protect visitors of your home. If you live with a senior, you’re likely aware of the importance of eliminating tripping hazards. Tucking away wires, pushing furniture closer to the walls and picking objects up from the floor are all standard safety practices. Be sure that your outdoor walkway is just as free from debris as your indoor walkways this forthcoming Halloween. It will maximize safety for everyone.

“Keep all walkways, both inside and out, clear from flame-lit jack-o-lanterns, oversized decorations, and home décor,” recommends FirstLight Home Care, “Removing items that pose tripping hazards will not only help keep aging loved ones safe, but also the children coming to the door whose vision may be impaired by a mask.”

We would love to help your elderly loved one safely enjoy this Halloween!

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