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3 Benefits Of Making A Scooter Your Mobility Solution

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we proudly carry a number of mobility solutions to help those with mobility issues to live comfortably and independently. Among those mobility solutions are walkers, rollators, wheelchairs and scooters. They’re all great! But, of course, they each serve particular needs. So finding which mobility solution works best for you comes down to assessing the main benefits of each.

Scooters are ideal mobility solutions for people who have the ability to walk, but struggle or are unable to walk for long distances. If this sounds like you, here are three benefits of making a scooter your mobility solution:

1. Scooters help you to preserve your energy.

For older adults, rest is a necessity. Although light exercise is often recommended for seniors, it’s important to note that overexertion can present many dangers. This is especially true for those dealing with excessive weight issues. Undue stress on the heart can prove to have fatal consequences. With a scooter, a lot of energy can be saved.

“Mobility scooters can help save an individual’s energy when exertion is a challenge,” says Utah’s All Terrain Medical & Mobility, “Scooters are a great mobility tool for individuals who have weak upper body strength, disabilities in the upper body or legs, or oxygen tanks to haul around. They help to keep individuals mobile who would not otherwise be.”

2. Scooters are convenient for long distance travel.

For the most part, canes, walkers and wheelchairs are designed to help people with mobility issues to travel short distances. But what happens when you want to explore your neighbourhood, spend some time in the park or go grocery shopping? A scooter is an ideal solution as is designed for outdoor use and can help you to travel further distances than the other mobility solutions mentioned.

“A walker or a cane is often considered appropriate when you need to travel a short distance but can easily tire you out,” confirms Senior Care Organizer, “For longer distances, the portability of a motorized-scooter has a lot to offer: Easy-to-handle tillers (steering), adjustable armrests and wider seats (and) Fold-down backrests and an easy disassembly for easy transport and storage.”

3. Scooters help you to recover quicker.

For many individuals, scooters make excellent short-term mobility solutions. Did you recently suffer an injury? Are you required to stay off of your feet for most of the day? In certain situations, it’s best to not try to get around on your own. Stay safe by seating yourself on a scooter in order to help your body recover quicker from injuries and illnesses that may have depleted your strength.

“Everyone needs time to recovery after an injury or illness,” informs All Terrain Medical & Mobility, “A mobility scooter can help you stay mobile, but allow for healing as it helps keep strain off of the body, muscles, and joints. Scooters also allow for individuals to go out for a nice breath of fresh air.”

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